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The Cushwa plant of Redland Brick Inc. has been making handmade brick in the present location along the Potomac River since 1872. The process used at the plant to generate the unique folds, colors, and texture that comes with a handmade brick has remained relatively unchanged since that time.

While the preparation of material, transport, and packaging of the brick has become more automated, the activity that makes a Genuine Handmade Brick involves the process of gathering prepared clay and forming it into a mud ball by hand to a size just a little larger than the wooden mould that the clay will occupy. This process involves rolling the clay in sand which coats the outside of the mud ball. The artisan forming this clay ball includes wrinkles and folds that are impossible to recreate with any machinery. These balls can be rolled in one or any number of sands individually to create unique coverage and ultimately color.

The next key component to an Authentic Handmade Brick is placing this carefully made ball into a wooden mold coated with yet another sand. Inserting the mud and using varying hand techniques to compress the clay into the mold engages different particles and leaves air pockets and creases that will take on gentle differences in heat resulting in each unique brick.

Redland Brick produces a wide variety of colors, many of which cannot be duplicated by any process without the human intervention required to generate such an exceptional example of individuality and beauty. In fact, every other brick produced today is an attempt to either reproduce or improve on the timeless classic of handmade brick.

In addition, the Cushwa plant features the premier special shape making facility in the world. Using state of the art software to design details for windows, doors, steps, entrances, and any other conspicuous detail, the plant produces these products, also by hand, to meet the same color and texture that enhances the natural beauty of handmade brick.

For those who want the original, there is no other than an Authentic Handmade Brick from the Redland Brick Cushwa plant.

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